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Live Sound Engineering

The future is now at SONUSMAN! We are committed to providing top notch live sound services with the smallest footprint possible.  Here is a look at how we keep the setup clean and clutter free:


-       Our systems come stock with state-of-the-art tablet mixing solutions!  There is no longer the need to figure out where to put a front of house mixing station in the venue.  We leave the mixer on stage and control it with our wireless tablet!  5 square feet is all that is needed at side stage to replace a sight line blocking FOH position that would normally take up at least 32 square feet! The other advantage to this is that our system engineers can walk about the venue to check how it sounds and make instant adjustments.


-       We utilize small format, industry leading point source and line array technologies from JBL, QSC, Mackie, along with system optimization by DBX and Behringer to assure that clean, clear, full sound is provided to the entire audience.  Our speaker systems not only look good, but also take up far less space and provide for scale able solutions for your needs!


-       Our systems utilize the best in Class D power amp solutions, which means less power is needed to deliver great sound.


Because your sound matters, SONUSMAN provides top quality system techs and engineers who understand how to fully utilize the technologies for best affect.  Our courteous, hardworking, professional staff are here to make your show a success in whatever way possible.


Feel free to call us and discuss your live sound needs!  We are here to help your presentation be the best it can be at a competitive price!